Christmas Cards

· I love card no. 1 because it is very simple yet elegant at the same time, there isn’t too much on it.

Card no. 2 probably has to be my favorite one, because the way everything is set up & that the family put their two little girls.

Card no. 3 is very festive, it goes along with the Christmas colors and it’s very creative

Card no. 4 is really adorable; because I really love the presents are three dimensional and how Santa Claus is jumping off the presents in a way.

Christmas card no. 5 is simple but creative, it doesn’t have any pictures but it has a collage of words having to do with Christmas.

I like Christmas card no. 6, because the children are on it, and they make it feel more cheerful in a way.

I love card no. 7 because again it is very simple but they’ve made it very creative, I just like how they put their picture inside of the word “JOY”.

· Card no. 8 is very family oriented.

Card no. 9 is probably my non family favorite, because it is very creative and I love how the words just pop up when you open it.

Christmas card no. 10 is the most festive yet not tacky at all, I love how they organized everything.

This card is very red, I don’t like because they made everything the same color and put hearts which is very pointless in a Christmas card.

This card is just horrendous, the person who made it wanted to put to many things in ONE picture.

No. 3 is very ugly, because the background is the only thing you can focus on.

This card is very simple and ugly, because there is nothing and it is just very cartoon like.

And finally card no. 5 is just plain ugly, because they combined to many things.