Google Glasses

Glass can pop up a reminder on your screen to remind you of an upcoming appointment or other meeting that you have planned. Like one of the cards that pops up in Android, Google Glass is able to deliver to you the current weather. Glass can be used to dictate texts or short messages to others, using the built-in microphone, Google's cloud-based speech recognition, and a wireless connection.

Naturally, Google Glass users can take photos. This is in Glass today, although the photos (unsurprisingly) seem to have rather poor quality compared to even a mobile phone camera.

With Glass, there's every reason to believe that not only could you join a Google Hangout, you could share what you're seeing. In fact, with no self-facing camera, that might be the only way to communicate.

Google Classes can even play music while you're, jogging,walking, etc.

Google Glasses are perfect that will help you remember where you have put your things. This happens to everybody, every day. We put our stuff in one place and the next minute we have forgotten where. And then we spend so much time looking for it. With this app all you have to do is to say, “Remember where I put...(object's name),” and when you need the thing you just say “Where did I put…(object’s name)?”

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