My Experience on Empire total War

Holiday Fun

On my holiday i bought a new computer and I decided to pull out a couple older games. And give them a shot on higher settings, as my previous computer could only run these games on  medium settings. Now ULTRA.

I decided to play as Great Britain. I also decided to carry out the blue sea's policy. Within 20 years all of India, North America, and the Caribbean Islands were under British Control. Not to mention the hundreds of trade fleets across the world raking in money.

Though in 1735 the United Provinces fell to the Spanish so i raised an army in London(full army). And landed them in Holland, after defeating the Spanish army the Dutch revolted against the Spanish. I then went on to take Flanders, and a fleet defeated a Spanish fleet of Gibraltar and stormed the fort(Gibraltar). That is my game so far, and now a massive war has broken out across Europe. Austria controlling most of central Europe has declared war on France and Spain. What will happen?

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