Unmatched Durability and Functionality of Citizen Aqualand Watches

Let's face it – the Citizen Aqualand Watches are not meant for the homebody or the couch potato. In fact, the rugged, fashionable and sporty looks of this watch spell adventure and are bound to draw attention. Citizen Aqualand watches are essentially dive watches preferred by professional and recreational divers as well as those in the field of search and rescue.

Not very long ago, divers' watches were worn only by professional divers. Times changed and people began taking up recreational diving and surfing. They looked for watches that complemented their lifestyle, both above and below water. Citizen stepped in to fulfill this need by creating the perfect watch of unmatched durability and functionality. Citizen Aqualand watches not only provide the additional functionality required underwater, they also look elegant and classy enough to be worn at a business meeting or a party.

With its ability to withstand shocks and bumps associated with deep sea diving, unmatched durability is the hallmark of Citizen Aqualand watches. The Citizen Eco Drive Aqualand watch for example, comes in a brushed metal case with a rubber strap, making it a hardy timepiece. And of course, in keeping with its dive watch status, it is water resistant up to a depth of 200 meters, making it an ideal choice if you are into recreational scuba diving.

Dive watches should ideally not be opened frequently so that the water resistant property does not get degraded. Citizen resolved this issue by equipping the watch with its Eco Drive technology, meaning the watch can be powered by any light source. The dial serves as a solar panel that absorbs the light and converts it to electrical energy that is stored in the built-in rechargeable batteries used to power the watch. You don't need to change batteries in your Citizen Eco Drive Aqualand Watch, thus retaining its water resistant capability, resulting in a timepiece of unmatched durability.

As far as functionality goes, Citizen Perpetual Calendar watches are true to standard, focusing on actual dive utility. The Citizen Promaster Aqualand Diver's watch has a water sensor that automatically triggers the dive mode when you enter the water. Also, the analog display hands change over to show dive related measurements such as current depth, maximum depth, dive time, etc.

Citizen Aqualand watches allow you to set alarms for reaching maximum depth and setting diving time limits. Also, your Citizen Promaster Aqualand will sound an alarm if you are rising too fast from the depths of the sea. Built-in dive logs allow you to retain data of previous 20 dives which proves to be a useful feature if you need to maintain records.

It is easy to read the face of Citizen Aqualand watches as they are outfitted with non-reflective mineral glass crystal. Additionally, back lighting makes it easy to read the dial even in poor light conditions. The navigation buttons on the watch are easily accessible even when wearing a diving suit.

All in all, Citizen Perpetual Calendar Watch offer unmatched durability and functionality encased in a trendy timepiece, giving you your money's worth.