Logo Land

A Machine that Paints Your Nails

This is an example of a Rube Goldberg project.

Rube Goldberg machines serve one purpose; to complete a simple task using many unnecessary results. Rube Goldberg machines can do things as simple as pouring milk into cereal, or opening a door.


Rube Goldberg Machines show a lot of elements we've learned in physical science. It's a great example of energy conversions. You can see the transfers from kinetic to potential energies. You see gravity in action and the laws of physics. The entire machine is made from simple machines! A Rube Goldberg machine was a great way to display physical science.

Our machine will use simple machines such as inclined plains, levers, pulleys, wheels, and screws to eventually end up painting your nails. We chose this design because it was an action that we all have to do and something none of us were very good at. The design is feminine and completes the actions we hoped that it would.

The Blueprint of our Logo Land Machine
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