The 13th Amendment


The 13th Amendment was an Amendment that abolished slavery and involuntary survitude, except as a punishment for crime. On April 1st,1619, Africans arived. The many events that lead up to weather africans would be slaves or free men included the first protest of slavery in the colonies. On April 1, 1688 Francis Daniel Pastorius and 3 other Quakers living in Philadelphia wrote a petition against slavery to the King of England. This was the first American document that stated equal rights for everybody. Later on, the Northwest Ordinance occured. This Ordinance outlawed slavery in the Northwest territory of the Ohio river. Other events to abolish slavery included"The Liberator (News Paper)", Republican parties are formed, the begining of Civil War, and the Emancipation Proclamation. The Senate passsed the 13th Amendment by a vote of 38 to 6 on April 8th 1864. The House passed the 13th Amendment by a vote of 119-56 on June 21st 1865. It was ratified Dec 6th, 1865.  African Americans were treated unfairly even after the amendment was passed, for a very long time.

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