Lemon Test Activity

US Government

Instructions for the Activity

As you look around the room, there are QR codes on the wall in different places. You have to walk to each code with your partner. You will read each code with your iPad. Then you need to go into Google Docs and create a spreadsheet for each Scenario. Submit your work back to the teacher via Google Docs. Once every pair is finished, we will come back together to discuss your findings.

If you need to review the Lemon case, here is a good place to start:


Establishment Clause:

Amendment One of the Constitution:

“…Congress shall make no law respecting the establishment of religion…”

Free Exercise Clause:

“…nor prohibiting the free exercise thereof…”

You have to decide for each one:

1. Does this violate the Establishment Clause?

2. Does this violate the Free Exercise Clause?

3. Both?

4. The government action listed violates the First Amendment?

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