Taron Hietpas's Country Profile Project of Nepal

~This is the country Nepal.

~capital is Kathmandu.

~The population of Nepal is 27.8 million people.

~Nepal's government is Federal Democratic.

~Nepal's leader is Ram Baran Yadav.

~Nepal's economy is primarily agcaltural.

~Nepal's money currency is Nepalese Rupee. That is 93 cents in American dollars.

~Nepal's G.D.P. is 19.29 Billion. With that Nepals G.D.P. rate is 3.8%.

~And Nepal's litericy rate is 57.4%.

~Nepal's life expectancy is for males 75-80 years, and the life expectancy for is females 80-85 years.

~Nepal's official language is Khaskura Bhasha.

~Nepal's top three tourist attractions are the Hymilayas,   old cites made long ago, and some very cool ancient temples from where there leaders and befeafs where born. That means you could hike the mouthing go visits the cite walk around, and for the temple see how it's like to visit one of the most important things in Nepal.

~Nepal has some very historical events here is one of them Jan. 1st 563, Buddha was born which is there religion, also in 2046 B.S. there country fist started and became a great place for people to live, and in 2063 B.S. Nepals made a revilotion that got rid of there Monarky government.

~Nepal's current event is that there was a bad truck axident and 7 people were killed, and 9 people where injured on Nov. 3rd, of 2014.

~I feel that Nepal's economy is doing well in general cause of it's lage manufactoring plants, and all of the trading they do.

~Nepal's major bisnesses is a large system manufactoring plants, they makes sugar, cigarettes, beer, matches, shoes, chemicals, cement, and bricks, and other important produces. Nepal also does lots of trading.

~I also feel that Nepal needs to limit the tradeing in Nepal, and start manufactoring more goods at the large manufactoring plants to sell goods to there people and other countries.

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