An Indian Empire

India's Golden Age

Chandra Gupta started the empire and it became India's Golden Age.

A golden age is a time in a culture's history where there is peace and prosperity, and many cultural advancements.


~Decimal system

~Arabic numbers

~concept of "zero" (0)

~herbal remedies

~folk tales and fables

More Info

  • Exsisted from approximently 320 AD- about 600 AD
  • Located across Northern India

How The Empire Fell

"The Gupta Empire fell to a wave of migrations by the Hun, who originally lived north of China. Beginning in the 400s, pressure began to be put of the empire. In 480, the Hun conquered the Guptas and took over northern India. In 500, western India was taken over. By 550, the last of the Gupta Kings died."