Ottoman Merchant in Istanbul

Present Day Istanbul

Trading and being a merchant in Istanbul can be a hard job but very rewarding. I have been working here for a very long time and I have gotten used to the customs and all the different languages that are spoken here and in the marketplace. Everyone in this community has grown up knowing that Istanbul was a very big place of different culture and languages.

Places West of Istanbul

The Empire has been clashing with another empire to the East and with the kingdoms to the West. I have been enjoying and content serving and being a part of the Istanbul Empire because I have had trade through Asia and Europe here. Now that we are clashing with these other empires I am afraid what this will do for business. I want to stay in the social class I am in but I also want to stay loyal to my own empire.

The city of Istanbul was the center of trade between the East and West. The Grand Bazaar was the initial trading place in Istanbul at the time of the Ottoman Empire. The Ottoman Empire was also referred to as the Turkish Empire. The height of our power was when Suleiman the Magnificent was in power. The Ottoman Empire was a powerful and very big empire that had many nations involved controlling much of Southeast Europe, Western Asia,  North Africa, and part of Africa

Warriors assisted more Ottoman conquests and that made it possible for Christian officials and warriors to join the Ottoman government and army as mercenaries without being required to convert to Islam.

Coffee became known with the Ottomans for Europeans. European merchants in Istanbul brought coffee to Europe and were brought to coffee houses in London by the 1650s. Caravans and ships carried silk, tea, spices and porcelain. Ships with furs and grain from the Black Sea and mirrors and drugs from Europe.

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