Social Media
Unit 1

The main social media channels are: Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, YouTube, Instagram, Google+, Blogger, Pinterest and LinkedIn.
These social media channels are used to build communities and to open up opportunities. Facebook is one of the most popular social media channels and is used to make global connections. I personally use Facebook to talk to friends that don't live near me. Twitter is also used to do this and to build communities and promote causes. Blog sites such as Tumblr, WordPress and Blogger are used to open up new opportunities and to earn money.

Although these social media channels are somewhat similar as they all provide similar experiences, there are differences between them. For example, Twitter and Facebook are both used for similar reasons. They both provide people with the ability to make global connections and build communities. However, there are some differences. Twitter is used mainly by fans of artists as a way of connecting to them and finding information out about the people they choose to follow. Twitter is also used to share ideas and to advertise certain brands and businesses. People mainly use Facebook to share events happening in their life by posting statuses and photos.

The specialist social media sites are: Flickr, 500px, Devianart, Gaia Online, Soundcloud, Last Fm, Blogger etc.Blogger is one of the main specialist social media sites and is used as a way of sharing ideas and to also earn money and open up new opportunities. The pros and cons of using these specialist social media sites are, for example, Blogger is because it is a very popular blogging website, it is very hard to get your blog noticed by a lot of people as there are so many blogs. Another con is there can be cyber bullying. People could be jealous of someone online and decide to cyber bully them by commenting not very pleasant things on their blogs or by emailing them/writing posts about them. Although there are cons, there are numerous positives of using social media sites such as: If you're a blogger, it could allow you to get noticed by businesses and allow you to network. Social media sites also allow people to make global connections and earn money.

The reasons I use social media is to connect with friends and family. I do not use Facebook that much but when I do, I use it to talk to friends and family that have moved countries or that live far away. The cons of Facebook are: there is a lot of cyber bullying present. It is very common for people to be cyber bullied on Facebook. A pro of Facebook is, it can be helpful for businesses to gain popularity and to share information on their businesses/lives it can also be used to network.

Business and self employed creative people use social media to gain popularity and to earn respect within their industry. The pros and cons of business people using social media are: if a business was to post something very opinionated onto a website then they could lose a lot of costumers that disagree with them. The pros of business people using social media are: they can easily share information about their business and advertise easily.
Using social media for personal use and business use differs as you have to be careful with what you post on a business account as if you posted something that a lot of people deal with, you can lose a lot of audience. It is best to set up two different accounts: a business account and a personal account so the two don't get mixed together.

The risks of social media are: Cyber-bullying, stalking, leaked private information etc. The personal risks to me whilst using social media are people could easily find out information about me from my twitter as my twitter privacy settings are not on private. What I post can impact on my employability and employment as for example, I am very active on twitter and sometimes I may share an opinion that some people may not like. Although there is nothing on my social media sites that could get me into trouble, people may still disagree with some posts.

My privacy settings are different on each account. For example, my Facebook is very private. I customise it to make sure that only certain people see posts/photos. On twitter, I do not have privacy settings on as it would stop me from connecting with other people and it would stop my account from growing which is important for me as I mainly use a fan account.

The potential risks for a business or self employed person whilst using social media are: bad reviews, accidental posts, sharing info that could affect an audience. All these can have a massive affect on a business or self employed person as it could cause them to lose their audience.  Business can help prevent and reduce risks by having a social media policy. For example, promoting company philosophy, avoiding conflicts of interest, security concerns, establishing a business identity etc.

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