Flappy Bird Might Fly Again - A Marketing Expert or Novice?

A developer from Hanoi, Vietnam came up with an app idea – a simple survival flying game, Flappy Bird. The graphics were not so impressive but gameplay was damn engaging. After 8 months of its release it achieved top ranking over 100 countries in iTunes store; giving him loads of success and fame.

The game was available for free to download and play, just like other free apps revenue was generated through in-app advertisement. Since it was being played over millions of device every minute, the amount of revenue generated was pretty high.

Dong Nguyen, Flappy Bird developer, a simple guy got fame overnight, which he found difficult to handle. And as a result he removed the app from store.

There were few other conflicts and rumors regarding flappy bird. When game was removed, Apple and Google got strict over their store, by rejecting new and removing available clones.

New Rumors

There are rumors that Dong Nguyen is considering to re-submit the app over the store for downloads. Recently David Kushner personally met and interviewed him, here is his full story.

The Marketing he got

There are many ways for marketing things, companies run various campaign for the same to generate traffic, for creating buzz about their app and generate revenue.

Agree, he is not an expert in marketing, but he got all out of his moves.

The app got viral in Jan with popularity among players, and was generating approx. $50,000 revenue from ads every day. He was into controversies, its common, lot of mobile apps development firms are into it.

But the day he tweeted to remove Flappy Bird from store, the game got amount of popularity that no marketing expert have ever imagined of. Sure, it was all un-intentional.

What’s now?

Now, as Dong is re-considering of uploading the original game over the store it will again get into the news and people will talk about it. Generating enough buzz for people who don’t have it over their phone will at least give it a try, generating huge number of downloads.

Sure, he is not an expert in marketing, but his moves has done something more than a group of marketing people would have done for creating this much buzz.