The Abduco Libertatem Realm

"Be subservient and freedom will be granted, be ignorant and knowledge will be granted."

The Flag of Arabella

~White:The purity of the citizens of Arabella

~Green:The realm is manifesting with the mentality of keeping a nature-friendly lifestyle.

~Crown(blue):The loyalty to The Realm

The constitution of Arabela

Constitution of



The name of this country will be Arabella.


The purpose of this country is to provide protection and up bring all the citizens of Arabella in order to become superior.


In order to be a citizen of Arabella an individual is required to born into the country.

Every day each citizen will sing the national anthem and hail at a portrait of the beloved Queen Arabella to show their appreciation and patriotism towards her.

All citizens must be loyal to Queen Arabella and every marriage must sacrifice their first born child to serve the Queen. The male newborns will be raised as mighty warriors that will fight to protect our beloved realm, and the female newborns will simply be at the Queen’s services to facilitate her needs.


The leader of the realm will be Queen Arabella but she will carry out her orders through her five trusted princes’.

The type of government is monarchy, and a new leader is appointed once the former leader passes on. the new leader will be the eldest descendant of the former leader.

In order for the citizens of Arabella to feel ensured about Queen Arabella’s decisions, the Five Trusted Princes’ will confirm that her leadership is not corrupt.


As the beloved leaders of Arabella we swear to keep the country safe from foreign affairs and provide a safe shelter during times of war.

The Queen will provide her citizens with health care and protection from any danger that occurs within the realm.

She promises a good quality of life with pristine housing and will provide all neighborhoods with everything that is necessary to live an adequate life.


Every citizen of Arabella will have the right to give an opinion on how the Queen should improve the realm, but of coarse it may result in The Abduco Libertaten Oubliette for the good of the individual.

Citizens will have the right to assemble in order to organize tributes to Queen Arabella.

Every citizen will not be prosecuted if they commit murder towards a person whom had a counter/negative comment towards the Abduco Libertatem Realm.

If a citizen commits a crime, but it was done in honor of Queen Arabella then they shall not be punished.

If a citizen is prosecuted then they will have the right to have a jury, but the jury will be the Five Trusted Princes’.

If a citizen is prosecuted they will not be denied a witness, but of coarse the witness will be wisely chosen by the Five Trusted Princes' for the benefit of the individual.

In the case that a citizen is found guilty, no punishment that is considered cruel or unusual by Queen Arabella will take place.

The citizens of Arabella will have the right to free market under the condition that they give half of the profit to Queen Arabella and have the official Abduco Libertatem Realm seal.

Citizens do not have the right to produce their own entertainment however, if it is a tribute to Queen Arabella they will be protected by the Five Trusted Princes’


Free education will be provided from primary school to university under the condition that every student takes a mandatory government class that updates them on the governments trajectory. Every citizen of Arabella must have a full education otherwise they will be sheltered by the realm in order to keep them from harms way.


White will represent the purity of the citizens of Arabella.

Green will represent the realm manifesting with the mentality of keeping a nature-friendly lifestyle.

The crown symbolizes the loyalty to the realm.


Our figurehead is the Queen Arabella.

Queen Arabella

Characteristics: ~Queen Arabella is beautiful and gentle yet, so daring.

                              ~She can single handedly defeat on army of 200 men with her

                                  majestic dagger.  

                              ~Her soothing voice can be heard thousands of miles away and has the                                     power to resurrect anything that was once dead.

Her touching Story

   A decade a ago the kingdom of Arabella was destroyed by the malicious Clan of Fire Golems for the sake of stripping away our miraculous natural resources. Arabella was best known for its connection with Mother Nature. Its land was the most fertile, the livestock was the liveliest, and the weather was impeccable. King Leo did everything in his power to defend his beloved kingdom but sadly failed in doing so. His only daughter the pure and gentle Princess Arabella had never encountered blood shed before do she fled the kingdom in search of shelter. She spent her childhood living out in the far outskirts of Arabella feeling ever so sorrowful. Years passed and she realized she had left her kingdom down and decided to return and take back what belonged to her family. After five years of venturing through the realm she went back to Arabella only to find blood, broken homes, corpses, and a fallen kingdom. Young Arabella could not bear the sight and desired her father’s comfort, but sadly he too had fallen. All of this brewed courage and strength in Princess Arabella so she gathered the standing army and stopped at nothing to keep the Fire Golems from conquering the kingdom of Arabella. She sacrificed the life of many knights and innocent people. She watched Arabella burn right before her eyes but she knew this had to be done to avenge her father. King Leo had always taught her to be humble and put the good of the kingdom as a priority. After her heroic victory her beloved people crowned her Queen Arabella because she was recognized as an individual who deserved praise for her great actions. She now lives out her days to restore what was once her dear father’s kingdom.

arabella's Anthem

Queen Arabella daring, bold, and sure.

Broken integrity, infirmity nothing she couldn’t cure.

Almighty courage filled her soul,

Nothing would stop her from taking control.

She loved the kingdom oh so much,

And restored it with her soft touch.

Now she lives out her days reassuring,

that the kingdom will forever be enduring.

The Kingdom of Arabella so graceful and beautiful,

it has an intimate connection with nature, and that's truthful.

The Kingdom will forever stand

that will forever and always be the plan.

Not even the deadliest armies in all the realms

will have the power to overwhelm

The great Kingdom of Arabella and its beloved Queen.

Abduco libertatem oubliette

  The Abduco Libertatem Oubliette was created in honor to assist those whom don’t quite understand the great intentions that our beloved Queen Arabella has for the kingdom. It is clear that these kinds of people are under mental stress which causes them to question the Queen’s ways. They are placed through a beneficial rehabilitation process.

   The first step is to remove the individual from their hamlet to ensure that nobody interferes in the process.

  The second step would be to take them to the Abduco Libertatem Oubliette and show them to their sleeping quarters which are usually pleasant suites. They will stay there until the process is finished.

  The Third Step is to questions their beliefs and why they would ever consider going against our great leader. If they are unwilling to participate in answering our questions then we direct them to the fourth step.

  The Fourth step consists of letting the individual rethink about opening up to us by placing them in the Thinking Chamber. Now, we understand that “The Thinking Chamber” sounds alarming but not to worry. It is just a room full of thinking mechanisms that will surely relax your mind, and the finest dishes in the kingdom will be served to deepen your relaxation.

  If the Thinking Chamber doesn’t go as planned, we will invite the individual’s family to the Abduco Libertatem Oubilette as well, only to make them feel more comfortable. We are not people of bad nature that like to keep others in a solitary confinement, so if none of these steps work we will do anything in our power to try and bring them back to sanity. Just like our dearest Queen Arabella never gave up on the kingdom.

Arabella's Story

Abolish autem tumultus

ALl HAil Queen Arabella

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