Cyber Explorer

Thank you, Cyber Explorer!!

We want your help to teach younger learners at Lakeside all about Internet Safety (4th Grade)  and Online Etiquette (5th Grade).

During the week of May 12-16, learners in the library will participate in a series of stations and activities DESIGNED BY YOU about Online Safety and Online Etiquette.

With a group, design and create a station for use in the library.

Stations due May 9th.

We will pick 3 Online Safety Stations from 4th grade and 3 Online Etiquette Stations from 5th grade.

Rubric and Tips

Critical Friends

You may voluntarily participate in an online critical friends activity on Edmodo.

Go to and use the group code 4k7pwh.

Submit your idea as a post.  Include any links if you have any.

Then give feedback to other groups who have also submitted their ideas.

Ms. Blazek and Mrs. Bredberg will be on to also give suggestions and feedback.

Suggestions and Ideas

Below are suggestions.  You may follow these suggestions, or come up with your own unique and fun ideas. :)

Digital Citizenship Resources