Properties Project

                              Rebecca C.                                                           Period 3                              Science-Pound


Definition: Pliability, the quality of bending easily without breaking.

The pictures that I have chosen represents flexibility because it shows how these girls can bend and stretch more than the average person.

Examples of Flexibility:                                               A dancer or acrobat would be very flexible.                            A piece of fabric is very soft and flexible.                            

         Contemporary Ballet                             Contortionist fitting himself in a trunk.

        Jeff from denver, US                              Keith Allison from Baltimore,USA                         Wikamedia Commons                          Wikamedia Commons                              Some Rights Reserved                                Some Rights Reserved


Definition: Scent or odor of a substance

The pictures I choose represent smell because it shows people smeling the odor of the flowers.

Examples of Smell:                                                     A flower has a scent.                                                  A garbage can has an odor.


"Kleiner Gärtner schnuppert an Blumen",                           Blumen                                   Öl auf Holz, 27 x 21 cm                                              By Frieda Menshausen-Labriola  By Jean-Paul Haag (1854-1906)                              Wikamedia Commons                          Wikamedia Commons                                                  Public Domain                          Public Domain


Definition: The emission of light by a substance that has not been heated, as in fluorescence and phosphorescence.

The pictures I choose represent luminescence because they show fluorescence which is an example of luminescence.

Examples of Luminescence:                                          Glow-in-the-dark sticks are fluorescent examples of luminescence. Fireflies, who create light with chemical reaction that take place in their bodies, which are not created from heat, are examples of luminescence.

Fluorescence in glow sticks              Photinus pyralis, common                                           that are yet to be activated                eastern USA firefly, lightning bug                            By Pixelmaniac pictures                By art farmer from evansville indiana, usa                  Wikamedia Commons                       Wikamedia Commons                                          Public Domain                                  Some rights Reserved


Definition: Tendency of a material to break under stress

My Pictures represent brittle ness because they show items that are hard but can easily break.

Examples of Brittleness:                                             Nails are hard but easy to break.                                   Glass is hard but also easy to break.

Golden peanut brittle ready to enjoy.          Pink Nail Polish       By Jane Hudson                                By evhoffman         Wikamedia commons                         Wikamedia commons           some rights reserved                        some rights reserved

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