Why he's a heroic figure.

Odysseus, a Greek warrior, is considered a hero for his witty actions, bravery, and ability to be a good leader. His witty actions consist of deciding against his men to kill the Cyclops right away, because if they did, they would not be able to leave the cave due to the incredibly heavy stone slab covering the entrance/exit that they would not be able to move. (Odysseus then states: "Trapped in the cave we would most certainly die, since we'd have no way to move the great stone from the wide entrance.") Using the Cyclops' wooden club to make a sharp burning stick to stab him in the eye with, and to announce himself as "Nobody" to the giant Cyclops to prevent the other Cyclops' from interfering. Odysseus was considered brave due to the fact that he risked his whole 12-man crew and himself against the Cyclops, (Odysseus states: "I took my twelve best fighters and went ahead.") he did indeed stand/plot against the Cyclops by one, offering him the wine (Odysseus states: "I handed him the bright wine. Three times I poured and gave it to him, and three times, foolishly, he drained it.") and risking his life, and also stabbing the Cyclops within the eye, which could have also ended terribly, possibly ending in the whole crew's death. His ability to be a good leader was shown when he led his crew to a cave full of food, which helped diminish their hunger. (Which also led to them being trapped but i'm not saying anything) He also got them together to devise a plan to trick the Cyclops into letting them out in some way. (Which was to stab him in the eye, so they can leave) And to lead them out of the cave and away from other Cyclops' so they can escape, and even though he endangered them in the first place, they still remained loyal to their leader, Odysseus! He also, further back, devised a plan to withstand the Sirens' song. He told his crew to stuff their ears full of wax, so they could not hear, and to tie him to the mast without wax within his ears, just so he could hear them, but not be drawn to their song. Odysseus was very noble and wanted fame, like any other Greek hero. But that also led to his demise, after he told the Cyclops his name as he and his crew were sailing away. That would seem completely harmless, but the Cyclops ended up being the son of Poseidon, which ended up with Odysseus' crew and him being torn up at sea. But Odysseus did not end up dying, just most of his loyal crew.

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