Home front Tackk

My name is Julia Beatty and I am 21, it is July 16th, 1864. I chose to be a soldier for the Union. I live in Wisconsin, with my husband and our three children, Bentley, Brayden, and Adaline.

Day 1

When I wake up in the morning I get my children ready for their private school, get ready for my job (i work on my grandfather's farm), I feed all of the animals, collect chicken eggs, make sure no animals got into the garden, and i fix up anything that needs to be worked on. I get off work right when my children get out of school, so I pick them up and take them home, make dinner, clean around the house, get myself and my children ready for bed and then i read a book or newspaper for about 30 min.

Day 2

Hello William,

     I hope everything is going well, how are you doing? And how are your friends that you told me about in the last letter?

Day 3

Everyday I get my children ready to start the day, I make breakfast, do laundry, and I clean most of the house and outside around the house before I go to work.

Day 4

Hello Lura,

       I'm doing fine I guess, my friends Alabaster and Richard well they aren't doing so well. Alabaster  got shot in the foot while we were marching. And um, Richard is slowly slipping away, he got shot in the arm.

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