People of the Civil War!

Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln was on the Union side in the war. He created the Emancipation Proclamation on January 1, 1863 which stated that all people who were held as slaves "henceforward shall be free" I think Lincoln did a good thing in the war. He saw an opportunity to end slavery and he took it, and it turned out very well.

Jefferson Davis

He was the U.S. Secretary of War and leader of the Confederate states. He became a State's Rights Democratic supporter and was elected to the U.S. Congress in 1845 his only successful electoral campaign and then was appointed to the Senate after he became a champion while fighting in the army during the Mexican War.

Ulysses S. Grant

The Confederate Army was failing against the Union and Abraham Lincoln needed a hero of war to save them. Lincoln appointed him General-in- Chief in March 1864. The Confederates and the Union Continued to have bloody battles, but Grant's army was winning. Finally, on April 9th, 1865 at Appomattox Court House, Lee surrendered. Grant wrote out magnanimous terms of surrender that would prevent treason trials. I think he did a good job in his position in the war.

Robert E. Lee

He had a reputation of being one of the finest officers in the United Stares Army. Abraham Lincoln offered Lee the command of the Federal Forces in April 1861. He declined and abolished his resignation in the army after Virginia seceded and said he won't fight against my own people. Instead, he accepted a general's commission in the newly formed Confederate Army. In late June of 1863, he began another invasion of the North, meeting the Union host at the crossroads town of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. For three days Lee assailed the Federal army under George G. Meade in what would become the most famous battle in the war. I believe Robert E. Lee did an okay job in his position in the war because if he would have done some things differently the outcome would have been a lot different.

William Carney

He was the first African American soldier to earn the Congressional Medal of Honor for most distinguished gallantry in action.


Phillip Bazaar

On board the U.S.S Santiago de Cuba during the assault on Fort Fisher on January 15th, 1865. As one of a boat crew detailed to one of the generals on shore, Bazaar bravely entered the fort in assault and accompanied his party in carrying dispatches at the height of the battle. He was 1 of 6 men who entered the fort in the assault from the fleet. Earning himself a Medal of Honor.

Julia Ward Howe

She wrote a poem called "Battle Hymn of the Republic" The poem was quickly put to the tune that had been used for "John Brown's Body" the original tune was written by a Southerner for religious revivals and became the best known Civil War song in the North.

John Wilkes Booth

He was the devilish man who would become the most despised, disgusting assassin not just in the Civil War but also in the history of America. He was an actor he commanded a relativity large audience and paycheck for his performances once his name was established in the theatrical community.

William T. Sherman

.He launched a campaign in Georgia that was defined as "modern warfare", and brought "total destruction....upon the civilian population in the path of the advancing columns (of his armies)." Commanding three armies, under George Henry Thomas, James B. McPherson, and John M. Schofield, he used his superior numbers to consistently outflank Confederate troops under Joseph E. Johnston, and captured Atlanta on September 2, 1864.

"Stonewall" Jackson

He is known as a war hero and one of the South's most successful generals during the Civil War. He was for Confederate and worked for Lee. A soldier in North Carolina thought he was the enemy and open fired severely wounding Jackson. They thought he was healing but he died May 10, 1863, at age 39 because of pneumonia.