The way to fabulous real estate photography

If you want to click some fantastic pictures in real estate photography, your path ahead is simple. Follow the techniques and tips listed below and you should have no difficulty photographing real estate.

  • Get up close and personal

If you’re someone who takes pictures of the estate from your car parked on the street, think again. You want the house to look its best; this needs you to take interest in making the house appear amazing. Make sure that the porches don’t lose their light and that the driveways look long and sprawling messes of rubble. Remember to tell your clients to park any cars away from the house for the photo shoot.

  • Lighting

The most important part of your real estate photos is lighting, in case there isn’t enough light your shots will end up being dark as night in the background. If you are considering using speed-lights or radio controlled flash triggers, you should know that they are best used indoors. I think outdoor lighting is best left to the weather as a cloudy day will give you the best results.

There is in fact an art to clicking in real estate and you will get it correctly eventually. Your aim is to capture good pictures that will succeed in standing out and grabbing the attention of prospective home-buyers.

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