What I learned In Help Desk...

In Help Desk, I learned a variety of things. I learned how to help others with sites, applications, and things about their machine. I learned how to use shortcuts I did not know about and I learned how to fix an application or site when it stops working. I also learned how to checkout and checkin loner machines.

Also, I learned about new websites to use during a project or class activity. I had the opportunity to explore new websites I did not know about and I learned how to create projects on them. In Help Desk we had two jobs assigned to us. One job in first quarter and the other in second quarter. Doing these jobs, I learned new ways to help people and new ways to distribute technology, backpacks and chargers.

All in all, in Help Desk I learned to be there for people when they need help. I learned that helping others can be beneficial for not only you, but other students and teachers as well. Help Desk in a whole, taught me new things about many

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