Tennessee Aquarium Scrapbook

By: Andrew Hankins

At the aquarium I saw lots of fish and other animals. I also saw the environments and habitats that they live in. I smelled salt water. I also heard waterfalls and animals swimming around.

Individuals and Populations

Individual- Is a single organism in a population.

Population- Is a group of individuals that live in the same environment

These fish respond to the environment by interacting with the coral in it. For example a certain type of fish hides in coral to escape predators. Other fish eat the coral and some live in it.

Community and Ecosystem

Community- A bunch of organisms living together in and ecosystem

Ecosystem- A habitat or environment were living and nonliving things work together.

All organisms depend on biotic and abiotic organisms. For example some fish depend on coral for protection or as food. Also some fish hide behind rocks or camouflage themselves as it.

6 Kingdom Classification

Food Chain

Journal Entry: The great white shark is a consumer. It is also Heterotroph which means that it can't make its own food.

Food Web

Abiotic factors

Abiotic means that it was never alive. The rock wasn't living because it doesn't contain cells. The sand isn't alive because it doesn't exchange gases. The sun isn't living because it doesn't have cells and it doesn't adapt to its environment.

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