Civil War Book Report by Ellis Dean

The title of the book is Guts and Glory The American civil war.

The author is Ben Thompson.

The illustrator is C. M. Butzer.

What I already knew about this subject:

One reason the war started was about freeing slaves.

It was the bloodiest battle in all American history.

The Civil War started in the 1860s.

The slaves were mad that just because they were a different skin tone the were treated cruelly.

Some slaves managed to escape.

Five new facts I learned:

The Mason Dixon line separated the North from the South.

The Battle of Gettysburg was the bloodiest battle in the Civil War.

Some of John Alfred's troops hijacked a train.

The USS monitor was the North's secret weapon against the South.

The last battle of the Civil War was Plamito Ranch.


Ironclads-Metal ships are called ironclads. The USS Monitor was a famous ironclad ship.

Carnage-Carnage is when a enormous amount of men die. Many men lost their lives in the carnage of the Battle of Gettysburg.

Barrage- A barrage is heavy barrier of artillery fire. Soldiers had to lay low when there was a barrage of fire.

Naval-of or relating to warships. The North had a larger fleet of naval ships.

Indecisive-When you can't make up your mind. General Lee was quick to decide his next step. He would never be called indecisive.

Blockade-Something closing off another. The North sometimes used their ships as a blockade to keep the South from making land.

''Ambros Burnside's facial hair was so intense the word sideburns… was created to describe his most glorious muttonchops.'' The author thinks he had serious hair.

''seeing as the unions semi-brilliant plan.'' The author thought it would be a great plan.

"Bellle Boyd was a hardcore Southern women…and became one of the boldest and most daring spies of the Civil war." The author thinks she was a very sneaky spy.


"for nearly 30 days Boyd went on midnight rides throughout enemy territory and stealing enemy secrets. I infer that she was not noticed as a spy because she was a women.

"except Lee did't run. He attacked just not where Hooker expected". I infer that Lee was not going to give up easily.

"You,as the doctor working in terrible conditions". I infer that a doctor's job was a bloody and working where there's war was not good.