What we do in Choir

       In choir we sing lots of different songs. There is alto and nave I'm alto. Alto means you have a high but soft voice and nave means you have a low, deep voice. Choir is for girls and boys and I have lots of fun doing it. In choir in some songs we have solos. Solos are when you get to sing by yourself in part of the song.

Getting Started

       First the choir instructer ,Mrs. Whitecotton , lets us warm up and when we warm up we sing mommy munched my m-n-ms in a really high voice. Then she plays a song. We either sing Hallelujah, Frosty the Snowman, Do you Want to Build a Snowman, Silent Night, or two other Christmas songs. In the song Silent Night we do in signlanguage

Singing  in class

  In class we always are on are best behavior so we can go practice on the stage in the cafeteria.Sometimes we sing all the times but sometimes we don't have enough time. We practice like we are in a concert because we usaully have one coming up.

Concert Practice

   We have concert nights and the biggest concert is coming up. It's tomorrow night and one of my class mates is going to dress up in a snowman costume for the kids. When the concert is coming up the teacher gets a little harder and we have to act are best. We have extra practice time the day before.

Concert Night

    First she tells us were to stand to sing and tells us not to talk. Then she starts the music of the song she wants us to sing first . We sing the song and everyone claps and then band comes on and we go off stage then when there done  we go back on stage and we keep doing that until the concert is over. We always have to dress nice and smile.

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