Gamestar Mechanic

A fun way to learn!

This is the start to your fun adventure.
  • When starting your expadition you will first need to sign up.
  • Next you will begin the quest. You will need to finish the quest befor creating your game.
Earn All your sprites.
  • You need all the sprites otherwise you only have a couple of selections for your blocks and avatars.
  • Gamstar Mechanic isnt just all about having fun it helps yur brain find new solutions to success.
After quest start building.
  • Once you have earned all your sprites you may begin building your game
  • When you are building your game you may relize you can have more than 1 level by clicking the add button under your title of your game.
  • Dont use the same avatar on every level because the all have a uniqe stile. Explore new things have fun with it.
  • Once you have made your game you must play every level and win to be able to publish.
  • When the publish button turns blue you can publish and once thats done anyone can play your game so try to make it challenging.

That all I have for now but have fun dont give up create and create until you cant anymore try other peoples games and see if you can accomplish their challenge.  

Have Fun!!

The Following video contains information about how to build your game  make it CREATIVE!.

When you begin Gamestar Mechanic always remember its not just about playing games.

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