My SSS....

I always thought love was fake and unreal at this age until I met you. You are the first girl that I have ever truly been in love with and it is the best feeling in the world. Every time I see you I think my heart skips a beat or two. You make me feel so comfortable when I’m with you, but at the same time, I’m probably as nervous as a guy can possibly get. Staring into your eyes gives me this warm feeling that words can’t even explain and it forces me to keep a smile on my face.the way your eyes look at me before we kiss is the best things I ever look at, your smile after i make you laugh brightens up my day, and then there is the love you give me, makes me the happiest guy alive .Every time I kiss you I feel like there’s a ‘million billion’ butterflies flying around in my stomach trying to escape. I can hold you in my arms for hours if I had the chance to. You are honestly the prettiest girl I know.. your eyes, your super white teeth, your tummy, your smile, your hair, your style; it all amazes me! I still don’t understand how a guy like me wound up with a girl like you; I guess you can call it luck! You seem to be the only girl I am attracted to, other girls don’t catch my eye anymore. You are the perfect girl for me and the only one I want to pay any attention to. I wrote this to show you how much I really care about you. To be with you is all i want, and i would give anything to be with you forever. The love we got is the greatest we can ever get. Nothing will be able to ruin this love, because our love is to strong to be ruined...

I love u…I love US.

Sincerely your partner and future HUBBY,
Sanket .S. Shenvi

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