Wedding Day

By: Katelin R.


Only a handful of moments I remember

Soraya and I dressed in green.

I wore a suit.

Soraya a veiled long-sleeved dress.

Soraya and I cast only sideway glances at each other.

We said our oaths, signed certificates.

I remember walking, now in my tuxedo,

Soraya a veiled pari in white.

As we inched along the wedding song blared.

They gave us a mirror,

Threw a veil over our heads,

So we'd be alone,

To gaze at each other.

I whispered to her

That I loved her.

Blush bloomed on her cheeks.

Smiling, I remember men dancing,


Spinning faster with the feverish tempo.

I wonder,

Had Hassan married?

Whose face had he seen in the mirror?

Whose hands had he held?

Soraya and I lay together that night.

I discovered

The tenderness

Of a woman.

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