Video Production

Session 1: We first learned about the camera and all of its angles and the potion. Then we wrote a script and act out the script in front of the camera with the angles

session 2:

Session 2: We used a computer edited program to edit are news broadcast. And learned about editing programs.

Session 3 Created a P.S.A about not to with strangers.Then wrote the story broad on the commercial story broad work sheet.Then acted out the P.S.A using the camera.

Session 3

Continued working on the P.S.A story with the  camera. then upload it on the computer. then work on it with the movie edit sofa wear.   

Session 5

Talk about comical s and constructed one using the story broad work sheet.Pick out a product that we could use for the comical.

Session 6

Explored the history of the video and were it started. And also started filming  are commercial. Then started editing with the movie edit pro    

Session 7

Explored the federal communications regulation.Then merged all the clips made from other sessions in to one big  movie. Then burned it into a disk.

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