Post, explore, and like any pictures of different interesting food. Basically, this website is all about food. If you are a food fan find pictures of your favorite food and find the location placed under the picture. You can also follow other people and see pictures of their food.

How to search; If you want to search food you will go to the search bar and type in any type of food you want.

You can also search peoples accounts by going into the search bar and type @ and what name you want.

How to see other people's posts: If you want to see other foods click the Foodly button and you can see all the people that you follow and what they posted. You can also like and comment on what you see.

Locations: If you need to know where the foods are located you can click on the picture of the food and see where or what restaurant it is served at.

Profile: If you want to edit your profile you can change your picture and background

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