The Crusades: Byzantine Perspective
                  Ricardo Ahumada World History

1.) The picture I have chose is about this guy who was a Byzantine emperor. He ruled between the year 525-565 AD. Also, he was born in 482 AD, he was know as Justinian the great. During the time he was emperor he sought to revive the empire's greatness. Also, to reconquer the lost western half of the historical Roman Empire. Justinian the great died on November 14, 565 AD.

2.)The emperor was also protector of orthodoxy upon all the other things he was. Justinian led his country to it's greatest size. He also conquered North Africa, Italy, and Southern Spain along with Roman Empire.

3.)All the essential trades were made in Constantinople. Constantinople was known for the luxury items. They were known for that because the people who specialized in luxury such as jewelers were the ones that traded there. Finally, it was the trading route of Eastern Europe.

4.) Praying played a very very important role in Eastern and Western Europe. Praying was an important in religion also. Although the emperor was not a priest he controlled the Church affairs. Over time the religion started to separate the Roman and Byzantine churches. The process of practicing the religion started to change.

5.) Between The Crusades a new power began to upset the power into the East. Seljuks migrated from the steppes to there. Also, the Seljuk army pushed forward and demolished the Byzantine Empire.

This is a picture of Constantinople the great. He was an emperor of the Roman Empire. He was born February 27, 272 AD. HE was a great emperor and the son of Flavius Valerius Constantinus, a Roman Empire leader. Constaninople passed in MAy 22, 337 AD.

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