Auburn University

College in Auburn, Alabama 

By: Mary Kathryn F.

What is the history of AU?

Auburn was etablished in 1856 and was called East Alabama Male College. It was closed a few years after it opened because of the Civil War where it was usd as training grounds for the Confederate Army. The school reopened in 1866 and has been opened ever since. In 1963 the university was racially separated and only allowed white students. The first African American student allowed in AU was in 1964 and the first African American to recieve a doctorate  degree was in 1967.

How do you get into AU, how many students join and how big is it?

The High School units reqired to get into auburn are: English- 4, Mathematics- 3, Science- 2 and Social Studies- 3. The exams required are the SAT and the ACT. Auburn has a total of 19,799 undergraduate enrollments. Auburn's campus has a total of 1,875 acres of land. This is how you get into AU, how many students join and how big the campus is

What other activities does AU give?

Auburn has it's own college football team called the Auburn Tigers. Auburn also has it's own basketball team for both men and women. Auburn also has a soccer team for both men and women. A few other activities Auburn has is Rugby, Lacrosse, Swimming,Volleyball and Tennis. A few activities that I didn't know Auburn has were Table Tennis, Ultimate Frisbee, Badminton, Bass Fishing and Cricket. These are just a few of the activities Auburn gives.

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