Industrial Revolution, phonograph
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The invention that I choose is the phonograph.

This is Thomas Edison with the first phonograph

The first phonograph was successfully completed on August 12, 1877 by Thomas Edison. This invention was a record player, an early sound-reproducing machine that used cylinders to record as well as reproduce sound. It took the vibrations in someones voice or instrument and copied it so that it could play numerous times. Its purpose was to give poeple music in there homes so that they didn't have to go and see music being preformed. And bring music into there homes which was something they couldn't normally do. Edison built this phonograph with almost no hearing left.

Music went from something like this to

something like this.

     The phonograph had a lot of effects on everyday lives. But not all effects were good. For example, less and less people started going to theaters to see live proformences, which ment less music and less artist and less money to keep the art of music going.

     The phonograph wasn't too complicated. what happened was when you spoke into the cylinder while rotating it, and it "reocorded" or made the little needle inside vibrate, and that needle would transfer the sound into a tin and through the tin it would play a scratchy version of what you had just said.     

     Todays version of the phonograpgh is honestly just a ipod of phone, or any device that can play music, thats how far technoligy has come from being able to record short verses and playing them back once to downloading multiple song and playing them as many times as you want on a little device.

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