iOS Applications for Students

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Below I have provided a brief description and an example of how one would use six different iOS applications in the classroom.


Description: This application has over 1000 formulas, definitions and theorems which  help students work their way through the math curriculum, grade by grade. This app also has quizzes that one can choose to complete to assess what level their skills are at regarding a certain topic

Usage: Teachers can allow their students to use this application during the introductory period of a new topic. If it was an older grade, one could introduce the topic and then have the class do some research to see what they come up with. With this app, students can search the concept and then read the definition that comes up, as well as explore the different formulas that could be used, in order to try and get a better understanding of the new topic at hand.

Socrative Student

Description: This application is easily accessible for both students and teachers. Both parties can create quizzes as well as polling questions for the class to answer. Teachers can use this application to share created quizzes with other educators as well as view student results.

Usage: A teacher can use this app to develop quizzes for the class to access, however students can also use this for similar means. When reviewing, students can use their collaborative groups to create a set of multiple choice or true/false questions and then trade their questions with another group and work through them as a review process. This will allow students to be engaged in learning because they will have to go back to the material and find information that would create a great question, and will then have to find the answers. If anything, I believe that this method of learning is extremely helpful due to repetition.


Description: This application allows for easy access and lets students create their own flashcards when it comes time for practicing their math skills. One can also create flashcards for any of the curricular areas for reviewing. If students don’t feel like creating their own, they can download a set of premade cards and then go from there. If students are creating their own flashcards they can upload photos onto the card for personalization. 

Usage: A teacher could have students work on their own set of flashcards for math by assigning each group a different operation. While students are working the teacher could divide the class into another set of groups and each group member will bring a few of their previously created cards to help one another learn and practice skills.


Description: This application allows one to create voice recordings based on images, diagrams, documents or videos. To use this application there does have to be a wifi connection, but after all the internet connection problems are figured out the sharing of these videos is relatively easy.

Usage: Students can snap pictures and then use those images as the base for their conversation. Students can create a storyline and then use their images to add to the story. Once all of the images are selected, students can do their voice recordings. Wonderful stories can be created, which could be shared daily through an online posting center that parents and students only have access to. Students could also do a peer assessment after all of the recordings are finished to ensure everyone followed the set of criteria.

Interactive Telling Time Lite- Learning to tell time is fun

Description: This application will aid in students learning of telling time on analog as well as digital clocks. Some may say this app is for younger children; however there are many students in older grades who have trouble when it comes to time. One can also learn to tell time in different languages after they have mastered the clock.

Usage: If students are having difficulty with telling time on an analogue clock, teachers could use this as an extra aid when students are in class. Students could use this app, with the help of the teacher to explore analogue clocks while trying to master telling time. When students are at home, parents can use this app for practice clock examples and they can help guide their child through the process.

Raz Kids

Description: This application allows for one to have access to leveled interactive books spanning 27 levels of difficulty. Students can access this site any time of the day, and their progress is recorded so teachers can monitor how they are coming along. Students will also have access to quizzes with this app that allow for them to see if they can comprehend the story once finished reading.

Usage: When teachers are doing guided reading with a group of students, the rest of the class could be using their mobile device to access this app. They could be reading books at their level, and then doing the corresponding quiz/questions that go along to ensure that they understand what they have just read. This will allow teachers to be at ease when working with a small group, because they know the rest of the class is benefiting from reading individually at their desks. Later in the day teachers can then look at each student’s progress on the site to ensure that they were actually reading in the allotted time, instead of just fooling around.

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