Let's Review

Plan of salvation, how many steps?

What are they?

Jesus, Our Friend

Mark 4: 35-41

Memory Verse: You are My friends if you do whatever I command you, John 15:14

Do we like getting this as mail?
Or would you like this?

In this lesson we will see:

1. All the apostles were friends of Jesus, and they engaged in many of the everyday activities of life together for 3 years.

2. Our earthly friends will disappoint us but Jesus will never fail us.

3. We can be friends of Jesus by doing his commandments.

4. We can lead others to Jesus by being their friend.

5. God wants us to love everyone- even our enemies.

Friends of Jesus
Mary, Martha, and Lazarus

Friends of Jesus
Peter, Andrew, James, and John

Jesus Never Fails Us
Jesus Calms the Storm

Making Enemies Become Our Friends
Sermon on the Mount

Question and Answer Time