Top Internet Safety Rules

1. Always keep your online account id and password private, except from your parents. Don’t share it with friends or even your best friend. Change your password if you think someone else knows it.

2. Never give out personal information online, like your phone number; parent’s work number; address; social insurance/social security number; name or location of your school or your password. If you think it is necessary to give some information then ask your parents

3. Think about what you write in chat rooms and emails .If you send personal information, photos or intimate details to your friends, remember that even friends can use this against you or cause problems later on.

4. Always ask your parents' permission before using your full name, address, phone number or school name anywhere on the Internet.

5. Always tell your parents or guardian if you see something online that you know is wrong or that makes you feel uncomfortable.

6. Don't respond to messages that make you feel uncomfortable .

7.The computer should be in an open area, not in a child’s room. “You don’t want to spy on your kids or peer over their shoulder,” Ellis says, “but you want them to know you’re in the room.”

8.Assure your children that you know you can count on them to use the Internet responsibly. “Kids need to feel they’re trusted,” Ellis says. your child to never give out personal information online, including their full name, gender, age, school, address, or teams. Teach your child to be and anonymous on the Internet.

10.Tell your child if you are using software to track her online activity. Remind him that you are not spying; you are keeping him safe. Tell him that protecting him is your job as a parent.

These are my safety rules of the internet. if you follow these top safety rules then you will be safe on the internet. You have to be careful online because there is people that do not follow the social code of the internet and are going to be Phishing. You need to make sure hat your personal information is encrypted by looking at the URL and seeing if it has https in it. Please follow these rules to be safe.

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