Exploration for England!!!

I, Francesco Riodinelli, want to explore for England so I can bring resources to you and England, exactly how you want me to do it.

The year is 1591 A.D.

Your majesty, even though I was born in Rome, I shall explore the New World for England and travel across the Gulf of Mexico to Coranado. Here in England, I believe some resources that people are looking for are gold, silver, and tobacco. I know that you will be looking for specific resources, so I shall bring back gold, tobacco, furs and food from the friendly Native Americans, and silver. The reason that my destination in the New World is Coronado because this part of the New World I believe will have high amounts of gold and silver and we will be able to grow tobacco to bring back to England. Also, the Native Americans of this part of New World grow many delicious crops, and I believe they would be happy to trade with us for beads and hatchets. Through my recent studies, I have found that there will be a high competition between us, the Spanish, and the French. Other explorers with other supporting countries will be looking for exactly what we are looking for: gold, silver, and maybe even tobacco. To handle Spanish and French explorers and the unfriendly Native Americans, I will be prepared to kill using muskets and swords, but instead, I will try to convince them to go somewhere else in order to find my destiny during my search. I will except to encounter storms during our trip to the New World, diseases, and unfriendly Native Americans. In order to overcome these misfortunes, I will prepare our built ships for powerful storms by improving their structure, bring more weapons to prepare for Indian raids, and bring highly trained doctors to help our injured or infected explorers. I hope that you will sponsor me on my exploration to Coronado.

This is where I will explore:

This project was created by Jason Mears.

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