Jocelyne's Music Memory List

W.C  Handy

W.C Handy grew up in Alabama in a log cabin with his mother and father who was a minister and grew very poorly. He went to get a job so he can have enough money to buy a guitar. When his father found out he told W.C.Handy to return it. His father always thought that every music was bad except singing voices like in the church..W.C.Handy’s full name is William Christopher Handy.

Handy made a bit of money from ‘Memphis Blues”, he needed to gain money for his family. Handy left his wife and kids ,he thought is was difficult to be concentrated. When he left he rented a room with a piano to work. He then started writing , “S.T Louis Blues so he decided to publish his song to gain money. His song “S.T Louis Blues“ he gained $ 4,000 for the song .he decided to write more and more songs. Then he was known as the “Father of the Blues’’ with the songs he wrote and published.

My opinion is that W.C Handy was a great man. One of the reasons were, that he kept on trying, he has hard working in his music. He even had to leave his family to concentrate with his music,he loved music. He was great at music ,he got $4,000 for the music he wrote. I think that he was amazing ,his songs are beautiful. He is awesome in many ways.

Carl Orff

  • He was from Germany
  • created orff instruments for elementary music classroom
  • his music school was boomed during World War ll -thankfully the school was closed
  • composed during the Modern Period
  • founded a school that focused on movement and music
  • Carmina Burana is his most famous composition

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