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John Church, Lawsuit Expert: Tips for Successful Negotiations, Part 2

Longtime legal professional and negotiating talent John Church, lawsuit expert has previously outlined several fundamentals every attorney should consider both before and during the negotiations process. In this previous post, Church explained the importance of maintaining an “everything is negotiable” attitude, placed an emphasis on listening to the opponent and explained the need to dedicate oneself to the pre-negotiations homework and research process.

Below, John Church, lawsuit expert offers a few more helpful things to know as one prepares to negotiate the most successful outcome possible for their client.

A Willingness to Walk Away

Demonstrating a willingness to walk away from the negotiations table, says Church, helps to show that you mean business, and often times will provide you the leverage you need to receive concessions from the other side. Don’t be afraid to push the issue, or to actually leave the table, if you’re finding yourself hitting a wall on a certain item.

Exercise Patience

Rushing through a negotiation can have extremely detrimental effects for your client, showing the other side a sort of panic or despair that may provide them the upper hand. As John Church, lawsuit expert knows, it’s essential to exercise patience throughout the process, which helps to demonstrate confidence in your leverage and can often create more desperation on the other side.

Always Expect the Best

Always expect the best outcome for your client, and always go into a negotiation with only the highest of expectations. Continual optimism can only help you better establish your case, and can be the fuel behind your effort to achieve the best results possible.

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