The Fabulous Life of a Werewolf

     Once upon a time, a werewolf was born. Wait! He wasn't a werewolf yet! Nope. 32 years ago, Matthew Krohne was just a regular baby. No one knew what he would be like. His book was just a bunch of empty pages, waiting to be written in...

Tiny and Mighty

   A small Mr. Krohne was born on April 18th, 1982. He was young, but probably exceptional. I know he is now!

    When he was little, Matthew loved to sit and watch Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and play soccer, baseball, and basketball. He also enjoyed harassing animals, especially his pet cat Pete, and later on his dog Amber. In fact, he loved animals so much, he decided as kid that when he grew up he was going to be a professional sports mascot!

    Krohne was excited on the first day of school, of course. He went to Liberty Kindergarten. When he was ready for first grade, he went to Ridgeview, and hen moved on to Alexander Doniphan for second through fifth grade. There, he met his friends Tim and Jeff.  

Growing Up

   Matthew was growing up, as much as his family hated it. He attended LMS, Liberty Junior High, and Liberty High School. He played a bit of the Trumpet in Middle School. He pretty much had a normal lifestyle in his teens, despite being his extraordinary self, and later on went to collage at William Jewel. He earned his bachelor degree there.

As of Now

    On October, 2008, Matthew married Laura Krohne. They currently live in Brentwood, Missouri, with his dog Berkley. He visits his parents Mary Ellen and Mell as often as possible, and also his sister Renee, who expanded Krohne's family on April 28, by having his nephew Timothy. He teaches