by: Brandon Spencer II


Rock cycle explanation

I think the rock cycle is a way of showing you the breaking down and process of rocks in all forms.

Sedimentary rock

limestone rock


Limestone is made of mostly calcium carbonate (CaCO3) in the form of solid calcite and made from accumulating shells ,coral ,algal, and fecal debris

Limestone is mostly found in caves and shallow water

Limestone is also used in everyday life such as tile, and counter tops

Metamorphic rock

Pink marble

Pink marble

Pink marble is formed when there is heat and pressure applied to limestone this happens sometimes when hot magma body heats limestone

Recrystallization is the difference between limestone and marble

Pink marble is mostly found in  parts of Tennessee

Pink marble is used for slabs and tile

Igneous rocks

Basalt st


Basalt is mainly found in volcanos

Basalt is used for road base, construction projects, and concrete

Basalt is 20% quartz, 10% feldspathiod, and 65% feldspar

Basalt is formed when a volcano explodes and the magma cools then hardens just like other igneous rocks


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