By Keeyun Keum

Ancient China clearly demonstrates writing as one of the 7 characteristics of the civilization. The ancient Chinese began writing between 1,500 and 600 B.C during the Shang dynasty (Betasen 24) and they used pictograms which led to calligraphy. Calligraphy is a Chinese writing that is like art (Betasen 25). Chinese writing also uses symbols called character. Characters change over time; it depends on when you visit (Jane Shuter 58). The idea of ancient Chinese writing spread to the early settlements by the oracle bones (Jil Fine). Written records were left on oracle bones, oracles bones give important clues to the way of life of the Shang people. The first written records appeared in China around 1766 B.C (Jil Fine 6). Many of the early writings were government writings (Avelyn Davidson 24). Around 221 B.C, many advances in Chinese writing were made (Jil Fine 6). When Chinese didn’t invent paper, the Chinese writings were done on pottery, bamboo, and silk (Jil Fine 14).

5 fundamental facts

1. Chinese writing was read vertically.(Auelyn Davidson 25)

2. How you say a word can change its meaning.(Jane shuter 58)

3. Same words can have many meanings. (Jane Shuter 58)

4. Written records were left on oracle bones so that’s how we knew about Chinese writing. (Jil Fine 8)

5. The Ancient Chinese writing uses symbols not letters, they are called characters. (Jane shuter 58)

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