Reform Movement Project

By: Hayden Ward

Prison and Asylum Reform

Prison and Asylum reform first emerged from Dorthea Dix, she said just by bettering the conditions of the inmates, showed people that being mental wasn't incurable. She stated that some may say these things cannot be changed these furious maniacs are not to be raised from these base conditions.

The Prison and Asylum reform hopes to make the mentally ill back to normal.

The accomplishments of this reform were a direct inspiration for the building of many additional institutions for the mentally ill. It was also a key role in establishing libraries in prisons, mental hospitals and other institutions.


The Temperance movement emerged because citizens thought that other people were living in an immoral manner. They also thought that God would no longer bless them.

This movement hopes for people to consume less alcoholic beverages.

There were people like Amelia Bloomer who wrote newspapers and things about what they were trying to accomplish.

This reform has had a big accomplishment and it was that in 1919 an Amendment came out and it forced the stop of making of alcoholic beverages. Not until the 21st amendment in 1933 does that change.


This reform emerged because there were a lot of people in poverty due to the lack of education(there weren't a lot of schools, and only a little bit of people at school, also only ten weeks in a year).

This reform hoped to accomplish that they could fix poverty if kids had better education, and in order to do that they could fix the terrible systems.

Horace Mann is one of the well known people to support this reform.

They were trying to accomplish a system where teachers could get a higher pay, kids could get higher education, and more public schools were established, they also made a couple of schools/ communities for women in Africa.


This reform movement emerged because people were already against slavery even before the American Revolution.

The reform hoped to accomplish that all African Americans should be treated equally.

Frederick Douglas really stood up for this reform.

They accomplished that they allowed some women to speak up, and the slavery in the north had gone down.

Women's Rights

This reform movement occurred  because women were not being treated fairly.

This reform hoped to accomplish that women would be as equally treated as men.

Susan B. Anthony is an important person who stood up for this topic.

In the end they started new movements and made speeches on women's rights.

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