Stories Created By Three New Tech Students By The Names Of Ernesto Garza(To Save A Member), Jaccob Whiteaker (dr.Johnson), And Matt Edwards(Fear of Disease)

Dr. Johnson Journal Entry:

After three hard months, we've managed to contain Ebola to the best of our ability.However, there's so many people infected outside of this city I don't know if we could continue to contain this outbreak of the Ebola virus. I think it would be best if we close it out to most outsiders unlike we know they're clean and we can test for it.

Although on a personal note I have been feeling a bit fatigued here lately. However,I guess this is normal since it's much hotter here than it is in Florida. Although, I did test myself for my temperature is a bit above normal but I don't think it's too serious. It'll probably die down in a few days. Ha ha, that would be funny though is if the doctor that is treating patients is sick himself. Well, I'll guess I'll get back to work now.

To Save A Member

After our trip we see our self's being safe from the virus know we are from a different place even though Ebola is dangerous we sacrificed our selves for my uncle he was a war veteran stationed in Africa and it was my mission to help contain the disease and find my Uncle. Sadly, however, the disease started to spread faster and faster with the limited time i had i knew it would be a long stretch. To find him.

I kept on traveling the coast knowing the disease would be contained at the least. I had no idea where he was not a hint nor clue. i was truly delusional. out of everything i was still trying. After two vigorous months of try i gave up. as who i am i left home without the soul of my uncle and yet out of no where i had Ebola. from a bold quest to save my uncle i had the worst of it.

Fear of Disease

It was terrifying. To know that your loved one was going to die at any day-- It’s hard. To know that you can’t be near them, can’t care for them, while they suffer in the other room. You learn quickly to hate the disease. Of course there had been fear of it, but once it came around, that fear turned to hate. It’s never fun. It only became worse when I was foolish enough to give in to my wants and try to help my wife. When I did, it only endangered our children and the rest of our family because I became sick.

She died merely days after the symptoms began to appear. Soon enough I was bed-ridden, unable to do anything but wait and die slowly, in suffering. The men in white suits came for me. They took my children with me as well, though they were not sickly, and put them with the rest of the contaminated in some sort of camp. It was only a matter of time before they were actually infected with the disease that was sweeping across the country. It was a week after arriving at the camp that I died. I was put into a shed like some sort of piece of garbage but I understood. It was fear of the disease.

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