This is the country in Africa, Ethiopia. This website will tell you lots of this country.


In the country of Ethiopia they have many clothing and personal appearances. Men and women in offices choose to wear western-style clothing. Same like us in the United States of America. Other women wear a traditional dress called a dria. It is a dress we use.

                         Food and Eating

For food and eating customs they eat two or three meals a day. Southern eats spaghetti with noodles and sauce, and roasted bread. This is a half and half special dinner. They do eat more, but this is some of what they eat. Central eats bread and stew and others. Central has less money and recourses than their surrounding parts of Ethiopia.


The holidays they celebrate are Ethiopian Victory day on March 2 which marks an emperors day that he beat Italy. This is probably the most known holisay that we have in our country. We do have more but they celebrate this one because it is very special.


They make many things. They have made many things. They like to do carpet weaving, wood carving and jewelry making. They do others but they love these. They do this to have something to make look good.

Brief History

The country’s historical background has many things. They have made many sculptures and other arts. They like making stuff. They have had many Emperors. Some emperors have had a war before. Like the one that they celebrate the holiday.

The Flag

This is the flag of Ethiopia. It has been the countries flag since the 1900's.


They only have two languages The languages they speak are English and Arabic. The U.S.A speaks english.

Popular Places

The blue nile falls is a really famous place for being the biggest falls in Ethiopia. Lake Tana is also popular because it is the biggest lake in Ethiopia.

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