Life Project
By: Kaylynn and Jacob

About Us

We are married and have no kids. Kaylynn drives 30 miles to work being a Dental Hygienist and Jacob drives 12 miles to work being a Nurse.


We make an annual salary of a $146,000 per year.

We pay an around $2,744 in taxes.

Our net month income is $8,620.66

Established Expenses

Each month we spend the following:

-$30 in Health and Life Insurance Expenses.

-$60 in Medical and Dental Expenses.

-$431.03 in Savings.

-$86.20 for Total Charitable Giving.

-$35 for my Unlucky Chance Card.

Chance Cards

We were lucky enough to win the basketball free throw shooting contest and won $75. But Jacobs parents called to remind us that its his grandparents' 50th wedding anniversary and we sent a card and flowers for a total of $35.

Personal Investments

I inherited stocks in three companies; 75 shared on Buckle (BKE) was $3,547.50, 30 shares of eBay (eBay) $1,564.50, and 60 shares of Twitter (TWTR) $1,937.40. So on day 1 it was $7,049 then on day 5 we got $6,891.


I live on 1344 Maplewood Dr Mankato, MN 56001. The cost of my house $399,900. we have 4 bedroom,2 full bathrooms also 2 half bathrooms. We also have 2.6 Acres. It was built in 1999.


We pay $200 for our electric payment. Our sewer/water payment is $50 and for our Telephone Payment is $70.


We own a 2009 Nissan 350OZ Roadster Enthusiast. The price of this car was $18,999, but we put a down payment that was $3,799.8. Our monthly payment is $441.10 which isn't bad at all. We also have a 2014 Buick Regal 4DR SDN Turbo FWD. The price of this car was $31,730, but we put a down payment that was $6,346. Our monthly payment for this car is $455.67. So are overall for our monthly payment for both cars is $896.77 which isn't bad at all because we both have good jobs to afford it.

Since one of us drives 30 miles to and from work and the other one is 12 miles to work. We go through 1,260 miles a month. We spend about $120 on gas a month. The monthly maintenance cost is $50. When everything is totaled up we spend up to $170 in variable Transportation Expenses.

Home Improvement and Furnitures

For our Home Improvement and Furniture we decided to buy a new Samsung TV for ourselves for $779.99. Also a Toshiba Laptop for us to be able to get on social media or for work which was $249.99. Then for us to relax we bought a Hot tub for $4,999.99. We spend up to $251.25 per month for our monthly payment.

Food, Household, and Personal Hygiene

For our Monthly food, Household, and personal Hygiene Expenses it was $952.68. Which may seem like a lot but it doesn't really effect our money left over for that month with everything.

Clothing and Accessories

When we went shopping we spent around $1,519.4 on clothes. We both bought a pair of jeans one was $169 and the other pair was $49.95. We both bought shirts one was $18.00 and the other one was $29.50. We also about a pair of shoes one was $74.95 and the other pair was $800. Then Kaylynn bought a purse that was $378.

Entertainment and Recreation

For entertainment we spent a total of $192 on activities. Which includes the como zoo and hiking for free. Valleyfair for $80, Twin Game for $28 and, Jason Derulo for $100.

Cable and Dining Out

For our cable we just went with the Standard Service for $56.

For dining out we spend $24 a week, totaling up to about $96.

We will depositing $3,008.17 in my St. Clair Bank Savings Account.