The Final Solution

At the Wannsee Conference on January 20, 1942  the details of the "Final Solution" were worked out.The Nazis developed the technology, rules and regulations to efficiently murder millions of Jews undercover. All the Jews in Germany and nearby countries were deported to concentration camps. Many were shipped in cattle cars to labor camp where they lived under brutal inhuman conditions and treatments.The purpose of the meeting was to coordinate the Nazi organization required to carry out the "Final Solution," which provided for:

  • Deportation of Jews to killing centers.
  • Immediate death for those who were unable to work or the very young, the old, and the weak.
  • Segregation by gender of the remaining Jews.
  • "Natural Deaths" through forced labor with insufficient nourishment.
  • Eventual death for the remnant.


This is a picture of Jews from the Lodz ghetto being loaded into freight trains for deportation to the Chelmno killing center.The Nazis established ghettos which are enclosed areas designed to isolate and control the Jews. Polish and Western European Jews were deported to these ghettos. The ghettos were usually overcrowded, unsanitary and had inadequate supply of food everyone.

This is a picture of the human remains found in the Dachau concentration camp. June 1941 German police  began massive killing operations aimed at entire Jewish communities. The "Final Solution" called for the murder of all European Jews by gassing, shooting, and other means. Six million Jewish men, women, and children were killed during the Holocaust two thirds of the Jews living in Europe before World War II.

A survivor from the Holocaust describes what gas chambers were like in Auschwitz. The Nazis crammed in as many people men, women, and children as possible, and filled the gas chamber with poisons gas. With shouting of declaration of the Jewish faith they would breath their last.

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