Motion Picture Association of America

Our Purpose

We are the voice of one of the country’s strongest and most vibrant industries – the American motion picture, home video and television industry. We aspire to advance the business and the art of filmmaking and celebrate its enjoyment around the world.

Who We Reach

Everyone! Our organization works to protect the consumers and producers of films alike.

Why Join?

To help inform the general public about the content of films worldwide. So that informed decisions can be made.

Many major film making corporations are apart of this organization: Walt Disney, , Twentieth Century Fox, Paramount, Warner Brothers, and Sony.

Because we are connected to numerous well-known corporations, we provide many employment options for all of our members.

The Issues That We Deal With

>Copyright- Copyright protection is about providing the right incentives to make sure everyone has access to content across multiple platforms, and that the people who make that content are able to continue to do so. To support copyright law is to support technological ingenuity that ultimately benefits everyone.

>Unprotected creativity- We have made as a step in the correct direction

>Global markets not being open- if they are not opened, then how will the consumers across the world experience the same film as us Americans and vice versa.

>Unemployment- We support 1.9 million workers — from costume designers to make-up artists, stuntmen to set builders, writers to actors, accountants to dry cleaners, special effects technicians to cinema ticket takers, and many more — employed in all 50 states.

>Keeping up with new technology- Below is a  chart of how the MPAA has dealt with the expanded technology and innovation.

>Protecting Free Speech- By establishing the voluntary movie rating system, by fighting for free speech in the courts, and by forging important partnerships like our participation in Free Speech Week, we work daily to protect the rights of filmmakers to tell their stories, and audiences to hear them.

The Data That Supports Our Success

  • Influences passage of copyright laws which add over $1 trillion to national economy and 5.4 million jobs
  • Created a nationally recognized movie rating system

  • Piloted a set of international copyright regulations so that movies can be exported and extend the success of the American movie industry and stimulate the economy
  • Supports advances in visual arts such as 3D, iMax, and CGI