Infant growth and development

1) Heredity

2) Nutrition

2) Nutrition

4) Enviornment

During the first couple months the baby is trying to get used to living int the outside world. They will start to smile early on to themselves, but within a couple months they will learn to smile in response as of something you said or did. They will learn to raise there head while on there tummy. Be able to follow some thing with there eyes (track it). Grip object in her hand such as toys or your finger. From four to six months they will learn to roll from her front to her back or vise versa. 7-9 months your baby may start to crawl, sit without support, respond to familiar word (his name). 10-12 months your baby could begin feeding themselves, be able to walk while holding furniture, point at objects that they want to get your attention, and sometimes take there first steps

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