somewhat effective ad from stacey stout

the ad is for stacey stout against peter fisher. the republican party of minnesota paid for the ad. there was negativity on the imagery and text of the ad.

overall it was effective on making peter look unconfident. it was somewhat convincing because of the text saying “thanks to peter fisher, our children are falling behind.” This text might convince a parent about their children’s education. However, the overall attack ad wasn't too convincing because they didn’t really provide hard concrete facts. the republicans didn’t say exactly what standards were lowered.

this ad is dishonest and misleading. H.F. No. 2397 is the law the ad is citing. Yes, the law lowers standards but they don’t know for sure how they are expected to be. This is stretching the truth of the law. The ad just makes quick assumptions. they’re saying that our children are falling behind for sure because of him. They are just saying this but this isn’t shown for a fact. Overall the ad is trying to scare parents. This is misleading because they need to say facts not opinions and emotion.

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