Stress in Relationships

How does it change people?

by: Cheyenne Sanavongxay

What is Stress?

Stress kicks in when...

  • something requires more of your response
  • you feel you're unable to do it
  • body feels threatened due to emotional/physical circumstances

Winston Smith & Julia

  • Diary
  • Getting Caught
  • Next Generation
  • Longevity of Relationship
  • Guilty About Mom
  • Is He Willing?
  • To Separate?

The Affect On Relationships


Stress doesn't always go away! ...

  • Bring in your stress
  • Share that stress
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Lash out
  • exaggerate flaws

Pop Culture- "The Vow"

  • TBI
  • Forgot About Husband
  • Stress
  • Changed people


Depending on the amount of stress, it can affect our relationships based on how the stress makes us handle things. Stress can alter our emotions and change how we started out in the beginning. As a result:

  • Winston & Julia betrayed each other
  • Winston loves Big Brother
  • Divorce
  • College & Family

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