The Beach Boys

By: Maya Schwent and Zoey Bekkela

The Beach Boys is a group of five boys; Brian Wilson(lead singer), Mike Love(co-lead singer/saxophone), Al Jardine(guitar), David Marks(guitar/bass guitar), and Bruce Johnston (keyboards).

(Top Left) Mike Love, (Top Middle) Brain Wilson, (Top Right) Bruce Johnston,                   (Bottom Left) Al Jardine ,and (Bottom Middle) David Marks.

A Little Bit About Them

-The Beach Boys formed together in 1961 in California.  

-Brian and Carl are brothers, while Mike is their cousin.

-Brian is deaf in one ear.

Our Favorite Song

Our favorite song from the Beach Boys is Surfin U.S.A. We like this song because it reminds us of having a good time at a beach.  We rate this song 5 stars.

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